Useful plugins from Divi 100 by Elegant Themes

Jul 12, 2017 | Plugins | 0 comments

Elegant Themes announced Divi 3.0 exactly 100 days before its release. Every day during this countdown they released some free layouts, plugins or tutorials to make waiting more exciting.

Because there were some realy useful plugins we decided to put all of them into one post so you can easily choose those you need.

1. Article Cards (Day 3)

Default Blog module with grid layout is quite boring and allows only basic changes so you are not able to create stunning layout for your posts. That’s why Elegant Themes released this nice extension changing visual style of your post grid into something more interesting as you can see.

Settings possibilites are quite limited. If you activate plugin it will apply sitewise for all your blog grid modules and then you can set accent for your cards. Other settings can be changed via module itself.

2. Hamburger menu styles (Day 8)

Mobile menu of Divi is quite hard to work with. There is no possibility to change colour of your hamburger menu in customizer and you are stuck with only one menu style.

Thanks to this extension you can not only change style of your hamburger menu but finally change also its colour and active colour which is not possible with Divi so far.

3. Custom Login Page (Day 15)

This is really useful extension not only for Divi theme but also for WordPress because it allows you to modify Login Page. Main advantage of this plugin is its simplicity and also that it’s free.

This plugin allows you to choose between 7 different styles and each of them can be customized to match your site style and colours. Great tool for better branding.


Divi 100 extensions by Elegant Themes

Why not more?

When Elegant Themes release first plugin from Divi 100 marathon they said that there will be many free extensions but as you can see, there are only three of them which is bit disappointing. However these plugins are really great because they add important functions to your Divi theme.

If you want more plugins for Divi you can browse our collection.


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